Roger Tillery

Rubi-Hard Inserts ” The intitial impression was very very good on Doosan heads using SBI Valve Seats. Rubi Hard 3-Angle Inserts look like the real “WINNER ” RTILLERY SHOP SALES U.S.A.

Lee Barnes

“ Robins Seat and Guide is absolutely brilliant. Easy to use and accurate.It was a big purchase for us but what a worthwhile purchase.Really really pleased with it. ” UK


” Absolutely love this Valve Grinder . Could not have asked for better .!” LKQ CORP


“ I set up my second SG8 this week—both customers are as “happy as a pig in poop ” Mansfield Equipment USA


” I thought I share the results of VR5 demo I did for a performance Honda builder today . The finish was the best i have ever found in the past . I was using a 0.0002″ Chuck so I tested the repeatability . I tested it 3 times ,bluing the face and feeding so […]

John Leblanc

” Robins SG5 machine is great. I modify motorcycle heads with 4mm valve stems, and the accuracy is outstanding. I’ve been modifying heads for approximately 40 years now. If you can put out spectacular valve jobs on these heads you can do any other head that exists ” Powerflow Performance Machine Shop Canada

Sardar Boring work

“My best wishes for your new machine. It’s a very beautiful machine. I am really impressed. U know I m in repowering work since 1956, one of the best machines I have ever seen Bharuch Gujarat

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